S/O to all of the artists that have been writing throughout this pandemic and working with me since the lockdown/reopening in June 2020.. your support has meant everything!!!

On March 1st, Cinnamon Sound Studio temporarily closed for in-person recording sessions in order to perform (Covid) retrofits and improvements as to reopen the main studio. Online Mixing and Mastering sessions will continue, so if you have been recording yourself or have recorded elsewhere, I am still available for mixing/mastering until the studio reopens for in person sessions..

Looking forward to re-opening Cinnamon Sound Studio in its full capacity! Keep creating!!!

Book your session online – please read below

$45 hourly ($30 deposit required. Deposit DOES go towards your ending balance, which will be due at the end of your session)

View the calendar below. If the day/time is marked “BOOKED” it has been scheduled by another band, musician, or artist.

If the day/time is marked “available” it is open to schedule.

To book your session for an available date/time:
1. Scroll below the calendar
2. Select from the dropdown an available time slot
3. Type in the date of your requested session
4. Enter your phone number
5. Click the “PayNow” button to pay your $30 deposit to block out your session time

Payment with PayPal is accepted
A PayPal account IS NOT required. You can use any major credit or debit card.

(IMPORTANT: 48 hour notice is required to reschedule or cancel your session or your deposit is forfeited)

A $30 deposit is required to block out your session time
(you do not need a PayPal account)

Please choose the available time slot from the dropdown below.
Type in the date of your requested session.
Enter your phone number.

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