Can we tour the studio before we decide to book time?

Absolutely! Actually, we prefer that you come for a tour prior to booking any time. We'd love to meet you and discuss you project. If that is not possible, then of course we're ready to book your session right now!!!

What are your rates?

Standard rate is $40 per hour. Blocks of time are available at a discounted rate. Please view our Services and Rates page more information.

When are you open?

Normal hours are 10am - 1am. All recording / mixing / mastering sessions are by appointment only. Please check our online Booking Calendar and text/call to schedule time. 312-504-0062

Do you charge separately for studio time and an engineer?

No we do not. An engineer is included with your session. Your hourly rate covers studio time and engineer.

Do you have a "covered" load in area if it is raining/snowing?

Yes, you can pull right into the garage to unload, which has direct access to the studio.

Is there parking?

Yes, Plenty... and free! No neighborhood permits required after 6pm, and no meters to feed ;-)

Can I take my tracks with me?

Yes, Absolutely! Please bring an external hard drive or a flash drive. You can have the entire Pro Tools session when your project is complete!

What if we only want to record drum tracks at Cinnamon Sound Studio and record/mix the rest at home or a different studio?

That is no problem at all! You can take the entire Pro Tools session with you... please bring a Flash Drive or external hard drive with enough storage space (40 gig or more) and you can have your entire session!

Can I bring my own pre-recorded tracks?

Yes. Please contact us prior to your session to discuss media type and requirements. Additionally, we prefer to make arrangements to have your tracks pre-loaded prior to your session so as you can come into the studio and start right away!

Can you get my music on Itunes?

Yes. When you come in to the studio for your session we can discuss all of the online distribution options and associated costs.

Can I bring friends to the studio while we record/mix?

This is not recommended. It typically makes the sessions run longer, creates distraction, which will ultimately increase your time and budget.

Can I smoke in the studio or lounge?

No. You cannot smoke inside the studio anywhere! You can smoke outside or in the covered load in area. And yes, ashtrays are provided... Please use them!