UV-C Sanitation


Between every session the entire room is completely sanitized. All touchpoint surfaces are disinfected and UV-C light is applied in between every session.

At this time I will only be booking solo artists (no groups, no bands).

VERY IMPORTANT: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic there is a limit of 3 people (ex: artist, producer, guest) in the studio per session (no friends dropping by or large groups).The recording area/room will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before each session (there will be a minimum of two hours in between each session for UV-C light treatment, and to properly disinfect the microphone, accessories, and all surfaces and touchpoints).

You must wear a mask upon entry. If you are not on the microphone, or you are here as a guest, please wear a mask.

As much as I love to vibe and hang out prior to sessions (like we used to do) this will temporarily no longer be possible. By all means … get your vibe right before you show up for your session.

Additionally, and there is no easy way to say this, there is no restroom available at this time due to the COVID-19 pandemic… please take care of that special business as well, prior to your session.

We will be in completely separate rooms with no contact. The artist will be in the tracking lounge (main level), and I will be engineering from downstairs.

*** No mixing will happen immediately after recording (unless agreed upon). Additional hours will need to be agreed to/purchased/scheduled for songs to be finished mixed/mastered.
(Mixes will be sent via email/dropbox for preview.. any edits will happen via video chat/conference call if requested).

Please note all of these temporary procedures are subject to change.

Looking forward to making it happen again!!!

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